Encounters missing in search results?

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 10

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin & researcher

What happened?
No matter which way we search for All encounters belonging to a particular user ID, that the results do not reflect the full set of encounters under that ID. The reason I believe this is because of a weird stat under her My Account page:


The total # of media assets is listed as: 4876
The total # of encounters is listed as: 4880

There are many sightings with media assets that include multiple animals (random example: https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/occurrence.jsp?number=Census_08-09_2.CHEETAH_Original_3_JoachimSchulz)

So the total # of encounters should be much more than just 4 more than the original # of media assets uploaded.

The problem that this presents is that the use of the search functionality to find ALL examples of a certain type of encounter, such as all Unassigned encounters, does not produce a valid and complete set of results.

Which means that the only way to find all unassigned encounters is to go through the small blue arrows inside the small thumbnail in the gallery of each encounter from every sighting. This means there is no easy way to work out when you have completed your review of all unassigned images to be sure that you haven’t missed any. Which in turn means that previously unidentified individuals, that are identifiable, could remain unidentified in the dataset. Which in turn impacts the accuracy and completeness of the population counts supported by ACW data.

What did you expect to happen?
Search results to display all results for criteria input.

Is it possible that the total # of media assets in the My Account page stat is inaccurate? And that the total # of Encounters is actually correct? Which would mean the search results as described above are complete and it’s purely a media asset count problem?


Interesting development on this - since I submitted this report yesterday, the researcher (Jeanette) has been adding/correcting annotations in her dataset. So the total # of matching encounters has gone up but so has the total # of media assets collected, even tho we have not uploaded any new images to her dataset.

Interesting too is that the difference between the 2 statistics remains 4:


These queries were out of date and proved to be a massive data pull for very little value gain once projects get bigger. Once we update your platform up to master, this will actually be resolved by a change we made to replace these statistics to links to filtered search results of the user’s data.

I’m not sure I understand. Is the problem limited to the statistics calculations in the My Account page? So, for example, when we select “View My Submissions” from the encounters dropdown menu, is the list that’s produced there complete? Does it include all cloned / system-generated encounters? thanks

Correct. “View My Submissions” is an accurate list. It includes system-generated encounters.

The statistics on the “My Account” page are removed, that change has not made it to ACW, though.

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