Export data into excel

Hi Jason,
How do we export data from Codex to excel for analysis please.


Hi @Rosemary

Codex does not currently export into Excel. Which fields are you looking to get data for? We may be able to export them from the database while we build up Codex’s UI export capabilities.


@jason am looking for individual Id’s with their sample Id’s for analysis. Kindly help since going back to get them manually from the software is tedious and again the issue of sample ID missing from Codex has not been sorted. i.e John Naisiki data.

@jason I’m already working on this via this support thread. I’m going to mark this as closed so we’re not adding churn tracking the same issue under multiple threads.

@Rosemary This is still a work in progress. I’ll post any updates as I have them to your newest thread (linked above).