Export of merged sexes via individual search

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook

What would you like to see?
Since my subsequent analysis is individual-based I need to use the individual search instead of the encounter search for exporting my data but while export of the encounter results offers an option to export such general information like the genders (via Standard format export) I couldn’t find an analogue option for individual search results. The information I need is visible in the results table but none of the available export formats actually contains it. Is there a way to export the assigned genders of my merged individuals?

How would this functionality help you?
I am using Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook for my work with fire salamanders in Bielefeld, Germany. My project (Botanical Garden Bielefeld Adults) contains a large number of encounters (around 5700) in 4500 individuals. For my analysis I need to export data in a way I get the groups (female, male, unknown, sub-adult) for my merged individuals. The assigned genders are not uniform for each individual, meaning that an individual found five times could contain three encounters identified as male and two identified as female. And the merged individual could e.g. finally been identified as female. Neither for the first, nor the last encounter the assigned group necessarily equals the final group of the merged individual. Currently, we’re checking the accuracy of sexes manually, but it takes a lot of time so implementing this feature would help us to work in a more efficient way.

Kind regards from Germany