Fields not exported from Flukebook

Flukebook / Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.6 / Firefox, Chrome and Opera / Admin

We notice that some fields – originially filled in the bulk import spreadsheet - aren’t extracted when we export data from the Flukebook platform. This is particularly the case for the “MarkedIndividual.individualID” and the “MarkedIndividual.nickname” fields. It would be very valuable to be able to export these fields to keep track of the individual names and know to which individual the exported data relates to.

Since this field is essential for the analyses resulting from this data export, could you add it to the extracted fields ?

Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter,

Paul and Violaine

Hi @paul_lallement

OK, we looked into this, and they actually do get exported.

MarkedIndividual.individualID from the bulk import is exported as the “Default” (Name0.label and Name0.value above) and the MarkedIndividual.nickname is exported as the “Nickname” (Name1.label and Name1.value). Please see the attached. This Excel export format is the “Standard Import Format” accessible via this link:

Does this have the field you need?


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