Filtering Individual search results by submitter ID or date or some other useful field

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see?
Filtering on Individual search results is only possible using a few criteria: ID, nickname, sex, yrs btw sightings, # of locations sighted and encounters (I think # of encounters). There is no way to search for a group of individuals - by species, by submitterID / owner of the images, etc.

With ACW containing multiple species and multiple researchers, it would be good to have the ability to search on only “my” individuals, or my submitterID, or even the taxonomy in order to reach a listing of all the Individuals I have access to.

How would this functionality help you?
Allow researchers to get a list of the Individuals they have access to, in the same way that encounters can be filtered and worked with. The scroll function in search results is so finicky that it’s hard to use and the results don’t display as a single set within the search table so scrolling to just the ones I want to see still doesn’t give me “my” list of individuals.

This is an excellent point. In the new interface, we’re working to make sure that all data associated with each major object (sighting, individual, encounter) is usable in creating a robust and valuable search.

I’m going to leave this open for additional feedback to see if this is something we need to focus on getting sooner.