Filters on "Matching Images/Videos" tab

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Filters on “Matching Images/Videos” results tab

We really like the way images are displayed and annotations are editable, on the “Matching Images/Videos” tab in a search result. However, it doesn’t have any way of being filtered to a subset like by project or by Occurrence ID. With a large dataset of thousands of images, it would really save time and allow for a more focussed and systematic review approach if the gallery displayed could be based on filter criteria selected.

How would this functionality help you?

  1. Save a LOT of time with large datasets
  2. Be able to review an entire sighting all at once rather than in separate tabs or in the (sorry) not great gallery display at the bottom of the Sighting page.
    → finding an opposite viewpoint for an individual with only a single viewpoint assigned to it is tricky. One way is to review any sightings where the one viewpoint was captured to see if there’s an identifiable “other side” photo of the same animal, to get both a right and left profile of the same animal, for example. By sighting review is the best option to find this, and to see all images next to each other, the researcher can assess which ones might be the opposing side of the same animal.

This is critical to help reduce the incidence of individuals that are presumed to be different animals but that are in fact just the other side of an already ID’d individual.

Hope that makes sense. Apologies if I’m repeating myself a little in the stuff I’m logging today - had a great call this morning that elicited a lot of discussion around ways of doing things in the system, issues encountered and ideas for future enhancements. I’m trying not to get them all mixed up…


We are presently going through a big design push for next gen, and this is really helpful in confirming some patterns we are connecting around how people look at data. Thanks!

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