First seen & Last seen date fields

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW / All?

What would you like to see?
Fields that capture First and Last (i.e. most recently) seen dates in the ID section of a Marked Individual

How would this functionality help you?
Date of birth and date of death are often unknown and so often there’s no data in these fields in the ID section of a Marked Individual. Because of these unknowns, our conservationists and researchers more commonly track First and Last/most recent sighting dates - often just a year, possibly also a month, not necessarily a day/mth/yr.

Like location ID, this would be helpful in filtering searches and matches, and for exports. It could be auto-populated from the first and last encounter records but should be able to be manually overridden.

I think this could be considered an adjunct to the feature request(s) found here? I’ve cc’d the requestors below so they can chime in, if they want:


cc: @PaulK, @hdr, @NeridaWilson, @colin