Flukebook: encounters not visible through email

Hi Tanya,

This issue has partially resolved. Now citizens will receive emails saying a match has been made. However, the link to their encounter they submitted does not give them access to their encounter. The link takes you to Flukebook home page and says you, the citizen, needs to log in to see their encounter. So this is still a problem, because all the email says is that a match has been made and to click this link to see who you saw. So we are still trying to figure out why the citizens do not have access to their submitted encounters so that they can look and see who the match was?

Do I need to make a new “Bug Report”? Or do I just leave this one still unfinished?


Hey Cassie,
That’s a different issue. I’m going to move these to a new thread so we can track this easily. We have a ticket number to go with the issue of links not being publicly visible: WB-1297.