Flukebook - finFindR and CurvRank v2

Hello Flukebook users,

We wanted to let you know that we will remove the finFindR and CurvRank v2 algorithms from Flukebook in May 2024. This means that you will not see these as selectable options when you manually rerun a match from the Encounter page.

The faster and more accurate MiewID and PIE v2 models have replaced them already as default algorithms. FinFindR and CurvRank v2 were also contributing to the long waits in job queues. Everyone should see an overall improvement in wait times once these are turned off permanently in May.

What about my old matches? Will I have to re-run them again?

You can still view your old finFindR and CurvRank v2 match results even after the algorithms are removed.

We also want to point out that match results are only a snapshot in time based on the candidates that were already in Flukebook at the time your match was run. They become outdated as soon as subsequent Encounters of your species are uploaded. Don’t get too attached to old results! Re-run them as needed to confirm your individuals.


FinFindR and CurvRank v2 have officially been removed from Flukebook.