Full body matching with Hotspotter Support for Southern Right Whales

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook

What would you like to see? The option to match full body shots based on color patterns

How would this functionality help you? This would be tremendously valuable in the southern hemisphere where dorsal coloration is critical for matching calves over time and was requested by Els in South Africa

Hi @christin.khan,

I double checked, and I see this as being on already for Eubalaena australis. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that if this has significant matching value there are really two additional things needed to make it really strong. They both involve retraining the detector.

  1. We should get an expert to label tops and bottoms. Currently tops and bottoms are matched against each other.

  2. There is no orientation network for the body (deepsense internally has one for the heads). Therefore arbitrary orientations of the body that may be >35 degrees of rotation may not be especially matchable. An orientation network can be retrained during the detector retraining for #1 above.

Doing 1 and 2 above also puts us in a future position to train PIE for matching full bodies.

Do you know of anyone who would be willing to help us with better labeling the bodies as top versus bottom?


Thanks Jason! I think we can figure out some manual labor to do the annotation. Do you have a preferred software/images/output? Could you provide some sort of easy user interface that I can task biologists familiar with the whales to work on? We can discuss this in a call if that’s easier?


@christin.khan Working on setting up the viewpoint review interface…

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