Future deprecation of the "Project" text field

Hi all!
With the release of the new Projects (Beta) functionality, we wanted to let you know about a field that is going to be deprecated in the future. The Research Project field is found on your user profile (Administer > My Account).

This field automatically tagged all uploads made by your account with the entered information. While this field is not heavily leveraged, we wanted to give users the opportunity to migrate the data to a different field if they wanted to maintain the record of information.
Once Project is available on your platform:

  1. Create a “Project” that has a name matching the information you have stored in “Research project”.
  2. Perform a search using Encounter Search > Metadata filter > Submitter project.
  3. Use the Project Management tab of the search results to add the data to your new project.

This will give you greater control over managing data and allow you to maintain the data assignment that you had given your data originally, and will allow for data to be associated with multiple projects.

Why isn’t Wild Me doing this automatically?
The majority of instances of the field being used involve values like “test”. Rather than maintain data clutter and cruft, we are using this opportunity to clean up the data you have without having to manually change each encounter field.

Thanks! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post.
Wild Me Staff

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