GiraffeSpotter missing 'giraffe' annotation iaClass

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? GiraffeSpotter

What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3) Windows 11 Pro

What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79) Chrome Version 124.0.6367.118

What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc) admin

What happened? I do not have the ‘giraffe’ option to add a manual annotation, mossing from the drop down. As a result, I cannot move forward with adding a new bounding box

What did you expect to happen? ‘Giraffe’ option as before

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hi @CourtneyMarne

Do you have a link to the encounter so I can take a closer look? Typically this happens if the taxonomy is entered incorrectly or has a typo in it.

Ah, that might be it! I used Giraffa giraffa without error because I got error unable to bulk upload with Giraffa giraffa giraffa.

Encounter e.g. (problem with entire bulk import) Wildbook for Giraffe

Interesting… I wonder if bulk imports for Giraffa tippelskirchi thornicrofti behave like this, too.

@FrederikeOtten, when you bulk import encounters of Thornicroft’s giraffes, do you need to write the Encounter.specificEpithet spreadsheet field as “tippelskirchi_thornicrofti” for it to accept the taxonomy?

Screenshot 2024-05-15 075317

this is what I do with bulk imports, haven’t tried any other way.

Thanks for confirming!

@CourtneyMarne I’m going to keep working on this. I hope to have an update soon.

Posting the ticket link here. This should be a pretty quick fix.

Hi @CourtneyMarne

You should be able to submit imports for Giraffa giraffa giraffa now. Can you try re-importing with the original spreadsheet to let me know if it goes through ok?

Thanks @Anastasia. I can confirm the Giraffa giraffa giraffa taxonomy is now accepted, but it is now removing the numeric values of group size etc (please see below). I double checked the cells are numeric format in xlsx form, and did a few bulk upload repeats with same outcome.


Thanks for letting me know. Can you email me your spreadsheet for this upload so I can use it for testing and verifying a fix?

Thanks for sending your spreadsheet! I’ll continue researching this and will let you know when I have an update.

Hi @Anastasia, I see the bulk upload form is now functional for those numeric fields, and I’ve tried again with my upload but it seems it is still not recognising the taxonomy correctly… I was using Giraffa giraffa as we do not know the subspecies, but this should be an accepted taxonomy field

When using Giraffa giraffa

When using Giraffa giraffa giraffa

Thanks for calling this out! In other Wildbooks where the subspecies is unknown, we add “sp”. In this case it would appear as Giraffa sp and would look for matches against all Giraffas. It doesn’t look like this has been configured for GIraffeSpotter. Would you like us to add this?

I also verified that the import fix with the group numbers was made last night, which is why I hadn’t had a chance to give you a status update on that yet. :sweat_smile:

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Ah, I understand. Thanks @Anastasia please do add this. Is this a quick add?

We know the species is Southern giraffe (Giraffa giraffa) but can’t be sure if the subspecies is Angolan (G.g.angolensis) or South African (G.g.giraffa) - for most populations we know this from DNA work. So, it would only need to look for matches against other Southern giraffe (Giraffa giraffa) and no need to spend time searching against all other Giraffa species.

Good question. GiraffeSpotter is the only Wildbook that uses subspecies. All others only use the genus and specific epithet, so I don’t have a straightforward answer for that right now. Let me check with Jason and I’ll let you know what I find out.

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I have two answers for you:

  1. This is a quick addition if we configure for Giraffa sp. Yes, it will look at all Giraffas, but because MiewID is a multispecies algorithm, it’ll do a pretty god job of limiting any false positives from non-Southern giraffes.
  2. We can configure it so that only other Giraffa giraffas are compared, but this means that anybody who submits a photo of an unknown giraffe, including citizen scientists, wouldn’t get the benefit of having their giraffes compared against the correct species if the photo is not of a Southern giraffe.

Thanks for looking into this for us @Anastasia.
Please go ahead and let the submission accept Giraffa sp and then search across all for matches (it will be few cases for us at GCF). But, this way, we do not limit other situations with unknown species.

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Giraffa sp support has been added to GiraffeSpotter. Thanks for thinking out loud with me through this!

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