GiraffeSpotter: New Location Requests

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
New Site Requests:
There are several additional landscapes where we are expanding survey efforts

Niger → Gadabedji Reserve: This should be a new site under the Niger Country profile. If possible, it would be great if all existing encounters in Niger be attributed to an additional new site labled “Giraffe Zone”

Namibia → Etosha → Etosha Heights Private Reserve: Under the Namibia country, we would like to add the “Etosha” site and the “Etosha Heights Private Reserve” subsite. We plan for a larger landscape level initiative in the greater “Etosha” landscape, which we will first populate with encounters from “Etosha Heights Private Reserve”

South Africa → UmPhafa Private Reserve

How would this functionality help you?
These sites would allow us to survey giraffe in these new landscapes

This isn’t something I can do as part of adding new location IDs since it involves a change to existing encounters. That would have to be its own feature request.

Do you want this as UmPhafa Private Reserve or UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve?

Thank you. Could we just add a new site under Niger–> ‘Gadabedji’?

Also South Africa–> ‘UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve’ would work wonderfully.

Thank you.

No problem. I’ll update the site with the new locations sometime this week.

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These new locations have been added to GiraffeSpotter.