Heading at top of Encounter search results to specify either approved or unapproved

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW/all

What would you like to see?
This may already be in the hopper for next gen but being able to know, when you have a search result table for encounters, whether it’s the approved encounters results or unapproved, would be helpful

How would this functionality help you? reduce confusion & multiple re-runs when I can’t remember which “state” I searched on

Heyya @ACWadmin1,
Currently, you can see anything you searched for by scrolling to the bottom and looking at the query string, like in this screenshot:

This search is for any encounter that is unapproved.

I’m going to mark this as implemented since this does exist in some capacity, and the way search filtering works in next gen is WAY intuitive and definitely meets this mark.

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