Hello, I'm Anastasia! I'm a Customer Support Engineer at Wild Me

As I start to gain my footing, you’ll see me around more in the forums responding to and resolving any issues you come across. My background is in customer success, training, and support documentation. I look forward to helping you out however I can. :smiling_face:

I saw this comic the other day and thought this group might appreciate it:


Hello Anastasia

Welcome to the world of Wild Book. We look forward to working with you in support of our users on the African Carnivore Wild Book (ACW)

Talk soon

Paul & Maureen


Aloha Anastasia!

I am working on re-identification algorithms for manta rays (similar effort, but not directly affiliated with Manta Matcher WB). I have struggled with getting a local WB up and running. Although I can get an instance running and add observations to it, I cannot figure out how to grant myself admin permissions so that I can, y’know, re-identify animals. I checked the DB schema and didn’t see the tables I’d expect for role-based authorization. Am I missing something fundamental about how WB works? I’ve tried to find the appropriate docs, but that’s just led me in circles.

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Hello Larry

Just curious, what’s wrong with using Manta Matcher?

Why do you feel the need to set up your own version?



Three main reasons: I am working with proprietary photographic datasets, I am generating synthetic data, and I wish to iterate quickly.

Hi @lobrien, I’m not yet familiar with troubleshooting self-hosted setups, but you should hear from one of my teammates soon about next steps to take.

Thank you! For reference, I asked the question before but it was closed due to lack of resources: Basic question: Setting up admin for new instance?

@lobrien Thanks for letting me know. It looks like Jason asked you to contact him via email for one-on-one help with this. What came of that conversation?

Hi @lobrien

Since it’s been over a week since we’ve heard from you, I’m going to assume you’re all set here. If you do still need help, please start a new thread in the forum so your issue doesn’t get lost in this welcome thread. Thanks!