How to merge 2 named individuals into 1?

In ACW, there are records for 2 individuals that are really all the same individual. It’s based on a spelling error in one of the names: “Kylami” should be “Kyalami”.

How can we get all of the encounters under “Kylami” moved to the individual ID: “Kyalami”?



There is not a feature do do this automatically, though It’s something we have considered before.

I’m going to move this to feature requests and make a ticket for it: WB-612.

The way to merge these two individuals is to detach each encounter from the incorrect name and reassign it to the desired one. This is done on the encounter page in the “Identity” section. Once all encounters have been removed from the incorrect name, that individual will disappear.


There are a couple of ways we can go about improving the system to solve this issue. One would be the most direct path, a button that allows merging of individuals. However, that’s a really narrow use case. I wanted to float an alternative by you to see what you think.
Because the process is essentially editing a field on multiple encounters, we have been discussing the possibility of a “bulk edit field” on encounters. It would allow for greater flexibility in making adjustments if something got mis-assigned in an upload.


Hi Tanya, I just re-read your and Colin’s responses here. I like your idea of a bulk edit on encounters. Now that we’ve had more time working with the system, Paul and I agree that this would be a useful feature. thanks!

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