Include spreadsheet name and datetime in bulk import log table

What Wildbook should this feature be in? African Carnivore Wildbook

What would you like to see? Spreadsheet name and upload datetime included in the bulk import log table

How would this functionality help you?

Including this additional information would make it much easier to manage and navigate through bulk imports. Like many other users, I use the African Carnivore Wildbook to process camera trap data. This means I have data from different surveys, which I then break down into multiple uploads of 100 photos to avoid overwhelming the system, which I upload as individual bulk imports. With the current table design on the bulk import log page (Import ID, user, date, encounters, individuals, images, import status, IA?), there is currently no way to easily tell which survey a given bulk import is from - I have to click into each bulk import to see this information from the filename. I have also noticed that bulk imports uploaded on the same day do not necessarily appear in the table in the order that they were uploaded; including the datetime of upload instead of just the date would make it possible to accurately order bulk imports according to when they were uploaded.


This is useful across Wildbooks! I second this idea!

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I would also love to see this feature, it would make life much easier!

Thank you in advance!