Inspect match results - toggle off the hotspotter shading

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see? When inspecting match results, the ability to toggle off the hotspotter yellow shading on matched areas between 2 images so that the researcher can see the original part of the image that is being matched without having to close out and go back to the original images.

How would this functionality help you? Helps researchers to verify matches offered by the system more easily.

@ChrissyTustison and @NeridaWilson, this is similar to what you were discussing with the matching highlight making it difficult to see details on one species of dragon, right?

Without looking at the technical considerations, because those are a beast, I am hoping you all can provide some insight into what would be the best way for us to look at this. I’m going to provide a bunch of options, and you let me know which, if any, would address your specific frustration.

  1. change opacity of the yellow highlight
  2. change the color to a different color
  3. make the color configurable by species
  4. allow rapid toggle between highlight and not, but keeping the outline
  5. allow rapid toggle between highlight and not, including outline
  6. remove highlight color; only have outline

If there’s anything else you can think of, that would also be great!

Hi Tanya! Yes- this is exactly what we were talking about, with the highlight making it difficult to see patterns on leafy seadragon faces/snouts. My preference would be for options 4 and 5, being able to toggle back and forth between having the highlight and not having it, like flipping a switch on and off. I would think it would be best to switch off the outline with the highlight, so that nothing is obscured. Let’s see what Nerida thinks though!


Hi, yes after some thought I think I would prefer 5! Thank you!

Awesome, thank you both. @ACWadmin1, any strong preference among those options?