Internet of Turtles - personalization

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Internet of Turtles

What would you like to see?
Maybe this already works, I asked via email and Jason suggested I write it in the forums.
We will be launching a big “Photo ID/citizen scientist” project in Ecuador and would like to use IoT for it instead of doing a whole new platform. The question is if we could “personalize” a project/landing page within IoT so all the people that we direct from different promotions (dive centers, social media, tourism operators, etc.) to submit photos of sea turtles in our coast will get to this page which will have our logo or the project’s branding. We also want to include a QR code in all the posts and physical posters so people can scan it and be taken directly to our “submit photos” page in IoT.

How would this functionality help you?
This would help to further involve the people in the project, and allow us to promote the submission of photos further. It would also make it a more simple process for people that are not so tech savvy or science oriented, just regular snorkelers that would see our posters.