Keywords not displaying on selected images; displaying on images in same encounter

Hi @tanyastere and @NeridaWilson - thanks for the heads up on the keywords! I noticed that now when I add or remove a keyword from an image in an encounter, that keyword is added or removed from all images in the encounter, which makes it difficult to annotate images as left or right (either they all get labeled as left or all get labeled as right). Is there a way around this? Thanks!

Hey @ChrissyTustison,
Can you send the link for where you’re seeing that?

Sure! I’m seeing it with all new encounters, but here’s one example:

In that one I’ve added the key word “left” to the first photo, but it now appears on all photos in that encounter. If I delete it from one photo, it will be deleted from all photos. Hope that helps!


@tanyastere Actually I just noticed now that I click on it again that the keyword doesn’t appear on the photo where I added it, but only on the other two…

It surely is not on the first image. And there’s some added weird-behavior in getting the keyword menu to show up, at least for me. I am gonna move this to a separate thread because I think we have a legitimate bug here. @jason, what do you think?

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This has been resolved as far as I can find.


Hi @tanyastere , yes it’s been resolved for me. I know that Nerida has still had a few hiccups, but I’ll check back with her before reporting officially!

Yep, think its all ok now thank you

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