Known ID on submit encounter page

Feature request template:

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Internet of Turtles

What would you like to see? There used to be a “Individual ID (if already known)” box on the submit encounter page. It seems to have disappeared.

How would this functionality help you? It was useful for us for the commonly sighted turtles (the ones we know by eye)

Hi there, thanks for your submission!
Some history regarding this functionality: a change was made to the database to allow for a more stable application by associating individuals with UUIDs instead of given names. This allows for safer merges and splits as encounters get associated and disassociated with an individual.

However, this change had an impact on the “Individual ID” field, and resulted in misassignment of Individual ID. There wasn’t a clear solution as to how to fix the field, so rather than allowing the field to populate the database with misinformation, the field was pulled from the encounter page.

We understand the value in being able to skip standard processing for a known individual by simply identifying that information upfront. We are working on a solution that would give that capability, but it will likely look a little different from before. As we make progress, we will reach out and verify that anything we build in this direction meets your use case.

Thanks so much!

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