Lion config still not working - need to kill an IA job

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

Hi there, I re-uploaded a small-ish lion bulk import after @jason made config changes to enable the lion ID algorithm to match the additional species labels of lioness+head & lion_general+head.

But the system still isn’t picking up and matching these labels, although they are being detected.

Here’s the bulk import I uploaded that shows this: Wildbook for Carnivores | Login

Because of this issue, could someone please stop the larger lion batch from running through IA? It’s been running for a number of days (it’s a very large batch) and is showing as only halfway through detection.

Since the config is still a problem, there’s no point in letting this import batch continue. Also, I have a lineup of users waiting to have their bulk imports get processed.


Noting this issue as underway and working on a fix.

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I’d say this is resolved. The detections on that large lion batch appear to have completed and, per our email exchange, all lion heads will be labelled as lion+head and matching will be on that basis. Lion bodies will still be labelled as lion, lioness or lion_general.

thanks @jason and @parham !!


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