Location and Area field that is not visible for all users

Which Codex is this for?
Seal Codex

New field name:
Location and Area

New field description (Be as detailed as possible so that users understand what the field is for):
The name of the island and/or area where the sighting was made.

Field values (ex: true, false, unknown):
Freeform text

Category (ex: behavior, life events, tagging, etc.):

Does this Metadata go on the Individual page, Sighting Overview tab, or Sighting Animals tab?
Sighting Overview tab and Sighting Animals tab

Is this field required? (We typically don’t recommend required fields because it can discourage submissions from the public.)

We would like to have a freeform field named Location and Area for a more specific location that is not visible to anyone other than the data contributor, collaborators and admins, such as coordinate data field. Is it possible to add a field like this?

I would also like to know what is the visibility of the map view for other users? For the Baltic ringed seal we would not like to share more precise location than the Archipelago Sea for others than data importers and collaborators. If the map view is visible for all users, is it possible to change the visibility?

Hi @NanniPiiparinen

The Sightings Overview tab already has set and freeform fields for location (Region, Freeform location, and Exact Location).

The Sightings Animals tab also already has Exact Location and Freeform location fields.

I’ve verified that the sighting data is hidden from view unless a user uploaded the Sighting or has a collaboration with the owner of the Sighting. From the Individual page or search results page, users won’t be able to see anything more detailed than “Archipelago Sea” for your seals unless you’ve collaborated with them.

Thanks for your help @Anastasia! I had misunderstood the visibility of the freeform location, thanks for the clarification :blush:

@Anastasia I would like to add that the reason why I thought that the freeform location and map view is visible for all users is here:

For example with this Saimaa ringed seal, the texts in parentheses is the the text from freeform location field, right? Also the map view opens when I click the location. I have no collaboration here and this happens for all of the sightings not only for Public User sightings.

I have not filled the freeform location field (or coordinates) for any of the Baltic ringed seals that I have added so I think that’s why they don’t show anything in parentheses after the name at the moment. If I add text to the freeform location field, it appears after Archipelago Sea in parentheses. Also if I add coordinates the map view appears.

You may be right about the freeform location appearing the the search results list and in the Individual page. Let me look into this further to see if this is intentional.

Thanks for your patience. I verified that Regions and Freeform locations are meant to be visible to all users with the research role on the site, though the details of the specific sightings themselves (including coordinates) require a collaboration to view.

I also want to take the opportunity to clarify that all of our Wildbooks and Codexes are closed communities. This means that Wildme staff validates the research affiliations and identities the people that request to join our sites.

@Anastasia thank you for the clarification. We are good with the existing fields :blush:

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