Location ID request

i previously used a Location ID with the name “KOBI” for some identifications, but it no longer exists. Maybe because i restarted and made a new project, reuploaded data. I used KOBI as “Encounter.locationID” in my spreadsheets.
Tank you very much!
What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook
What would you like to see?
I need a location-ID for “Send to identification matching against location(s):
How would this functionality help you?
If requesting a new location ID, include

  • Is this is nested beneath another location in the hierarchy?
  • Is there a prefix for region-based naming? (optional)
    KOBI (meaning: Koblenz Bienhorntal)
  • GPS coordinates (optional)

Note: Not all feature requests can be accepted, but all of them are reviewed by our product team. We’re unable to provide implementation timelines for accepted requests. We are a small team with many competing priorities. Thanks for your understanding!

Hi @Felix.Stumpf

I’m not sure why KOBI’s not in the drop-down menu anymore. I need a little more time to research this.

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I’m not sure why it’s no longer in the menu, but I’ve added it back.

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Thanks again for your help!

I greatly appreciate the time and effort you dedicated to providing this support.

i am sorry but “KOBI” disappeared in the menu again.
I only send one bulk import to identification.

I think ARW got a version update this weekend before the backup I made of the new location file was stored. It’s back now!

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