Magnifier search field to show exact name matches not just Default Name

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW

What would you like to see?
Currently, if I type a 3rd name (i.e. not Default or Nickname; project ID name or org-specific name type like CCF: ChF00133_Sunshine) into the search field top right corner of any page, it displays the Unique or Default ID + “nickname” of the individual with that 3rd name in the dropdown menu, but not the 3rd name - the one I’ve typed into the search:

As we add new orgs to the system, we’re starting to see duplicate “nicknames” - ex. a BPC wild dog nicknamed Sunshine and a CCF cheetah nicknamed Sunshine. This starts to add multiple items in the dropdown and knowing which is the one I’m searching for is unclear.

How would this functionality help you? Reduce confusion when searching for 3rd+ names/IDs