Make the Standard Format XLS Template turtle friendly

After trying out the bulk import I was missing fields to add some features. It would be good to have two separate fields for tags since sea turtles usually have both a left and a right flipper tags and these are used for identification which can validate the photo-id.

It would also be a good idea to specify what length means in Encounter.measurement.length for sea turtles. It is straight or curved carapace length? This could be added under the description in how to use the Standard Template and doesn’t have to be its own input.


Hi there,
Multiple tags can be input in the field Encounter.mediaAssetX.keywords: Underscore-delimited list of keywords to be associated with the MediaAsset. Can be used for one or many keywords. Values of “X” from 0 to infinity are iterated until a sequence value is not found.
You can find more information here: Bulk import (beta) | Wild Me Docs

As for length, we do not define what that measurement is. We simply provide a platform for organizations to upload their data. Use the field as you see fit.