Map Pins not visible

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?
Internet for Turtles

What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3)
Windows 11

What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79)
Windows Microsoft Edge

What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc)

What happened?
I can’t see any location pins at the Map

What did you expect to happen?
Seethe location of the encounters on the maps

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?
Go to sany map statistic.

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hi @dkistler

A fix for this should be deployed today with the latest Wildbook update. Here’s the ticket for reference: Location Pins Missing in Google Maps API in Encounter page · Issue #435 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

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@Anastasia Is it possible, that i still can’t see them or was the update not published yet?

All the best


I just found out today that the updates are being rolled out one-at-a-time for each of our Wildbooks, so it should be official over the coming days. Sorry about that! I was really excited about this one getting done and wanted to share the news.

Dear Anastasia

Do you know already when the update for IoT will be released?

All the best


Not yet, but it’s still a work in progress. As of this morning, the following WIldbooks are on the latest release:

  • Wildbook for Lynx
  • DeerSpotter
  • Spotting Giant Seabass
  • GrouperSpotter
  • Flukebook
  • Amphibian & Reptile Wildbook
  • Sharkbook

My mistake–the above updates apply to the 10.1.1 supplemental updates only. However, I just learned IoT is up next for today, so you’ll see those map markers back soon!

Hi @dkistler

IoT was upgraded this afternoon and I’m seeing pins on the map again.

Fantastic! Thank you very much. Can see them now as well and the new design looks perfect!
But i can only see it after i log in. As soon as i click on one of the menus i’m in the old design and its very hard to get back to the new one.

Have a fantastic day


I’m glad you like it! The new design is currently only on the sign-in and the landing pages. It will take a bit of time to convert the old .jsp pages to React so you’ll see the new design spread gradually with subsequent updates.