Master images by individual

Feature request template:

What Wildbook should this feature be in? All? At least ACW.

What would you like to see?
The ability to tag specific images associated with an individual as “master” images, along with their keywords. This would then propagate the same keywords to the same viewpoint on other images of the same individual.

How would this functionality help you?
Less ongoing intervention required to correct keywords on images that the system does not identify correctly due to lack of clarity in image or other issues. This also provides a foundation of verified ground truth data for future re-training if needed, as well as for the research community of each species.

Hi @ACWadmin1, thanks for posting!
I completely understand how, given your current situation, this seems like a valuable feature. However, tags are used for a variety of purposes, and this would directly undermine any tagging that is related to photo-description (for example, a tag to label the quality of the photograph would be force-applied to photographs that aren’t of that quality) or for tagging related to species that are frequently photographed in-part (for example, tags are used to indicate what part of a whale is in a picture or to highlight the most identifying part of a seadragon). Both of these processes are really common across various species, and I wouldn’t want to build into the system something that limits what process you’re able to implement, especially as you work to expand what research groups you pull in.

We have heard requests for a “master” or “representative” image, so for highly-encountered animals, there is a single reference that is considered the most important, but I don’t think that gets are what you’re driving for, al though it is related to the “verfied ground truth data” concept you bring up.

If I understand what you’re really trying to accomplish (which I may be entirely off), it seems like you want to be able to reduce the overhead of making the same change to a number of known encounters. So it really seems like you want to be able to bulk edit?

Let me know if that resonates at all!