Match results not loading on IoT

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? Internet of Turtles

What operating system were you using? MacOS 10.15.7

What web browser were you using? Firefox 112.0.1

What is your role on the site? Researcher

What happened? When I run the match for the turtle’s scale patterns, it simply returns with the message “attempting to fetch results” but with no actual results loading even after an hour wait.

What did you expect to happen? For IoT to pull up the results of potential matches with the scores and the photos of possible candidates OR to inform me that no match could be found.

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue? Upload a photo of any turtle, add the annotation around it’s head, and click “start match”. Please see the attached image for reference on the issue.

Hi @JoGoodfellow

“Attempting to fetch results” usually means that matching is still in progress.

It looks like the job queue for IoT is empty right now, so you should have your match results by now. If not, can you provide a link to the encounter so I can look into this for you?

I am running into the same issue the past few days. When I see “attempting to fetch results” I know that it will time out and not bring the results

Thanks for chiming in, @emcginley

I’m going to check if there’s something going on from the server side.

Of course. Me know if you need any additional information

Hi @Anastasia

I’ve tried running a match again and it’s still stuck at “Attempting to fetch results” even after a couple of hours wait.

This is the link to one of the encounters I’ve tried: Internet of Turtles

Thank you for your help!

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@JoGoodfellow, thanks for bringing this up. I have also been having the same issue.

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Thanks everyone for hanging in there. I hope to have an update on this by the end of today.

We’ve restarted WBIA and it’s re-running the failed identification jobs. It’s currently working its way through 769 of them.

I am having the same issue, unfortunately it is still not working…

I tried this morning and also was unable to see the match results. I will try again this afternoon

Same here. It’s still not working

Thanks for the update, all.

We’re still troubleshooting this on our end and I’ll share any updates here as I have them.

IoT’s image server issues appear to need more than just a restart to get things working normally again. I likely won’t have another progress update until tomorrow.

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Matches should be appearing normally now. For anyone that’s still getting a weird error, try restarting the match and let me know if you still see any issues afterward.

I had to restart the matches, but then they completed quickly. Thanks!

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Same here, it’s working again. Thank you for the quick response and updates! Y’all rock

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All working now! Thank you for sorting this out.

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