Merging match failed

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Merge individuals • Zebra Codex (

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Hi @Rosemary

Can you be more specific? Which name and codex ID did you select from the menus on the merge page? I need to be able to reproduce what you saw.

Sorry, I forgot to attach the screenshot.

Merge F14_172_LAIK with GZ387

Thank you! I’m seeing the same error even though they’re both the same species. Let me dig into this more and I’ll follow up when I have an update.

Thanks for waiting. For some reason, Codex didn’t like it when the Codex ID was GRV-492. We selected GRV-2016 and it finally allowed the merge.

Let us know if you see something like this happen again.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I wanted to merge M23_017 with G21_708 which didn’t go through

But when I changed from the data field, it was successful.

Were they both listed as Grevys zebras in the metadata before the merge? If so, what field did you update to complete the merge?

They were all listed as Grevy zebra.
I filled the First name and the Adoption name in the metadata.

Thanks for the example!