Missing annotation - "match against" set to false

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? ACW

What operating system were you using? Win 10

What web browser were you using? latest chrome

What is your role on the site? admin

What happened?
Went to a Marked individual record, selected the encounter associated with the record (https://africancarnivore.wildbook.org/encounters/encounter.jsp?number=1db6ec6b-dd24-4f82-b5e7-2784dc52b2a1) to try to run matching.

There is no annotation in the media asset and the info on that photo has “match against: False” -

What did you expect to happen? Annotation on the image and able to run matching

This looks like it was fixed by a separate ticket’s repeat send of the media assets to detection. This annotation is now matchable. Unfortunately this import was before the fix for WB-768, so we still need to wait to see if that issue has been resolved.