Missing sightings in Codex

No sightings showing up today.
I have tried to search by owner, date and place and nothing shows up.

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Hi @Rosemary

I was able to view your sightings from your profile and by doing a sighting search by owner, but it did take a little longer than usual for the sightings to load. If you leave the tab open for a bit, do they eventually load for you?

It later came back after some few hours and it has been loading slowly as you noted.
Now it’s Ok.

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Today only 8 sightings showing under my name.
Kindly check on your side.

Hi @Rosemary

I just searched Sightings for “rosemary” and “Rosemary Warungu” and got 485 results each time.

Can you try the steps to clear your browser’s cache again? I’ll paste them here so you don’t have to look it up again:

Then try searching your sightings again and let me know if only 8 are still displaying.

I have just opened codex without clearing the browser and 485 sightings shows up. It might be a different issue though I will clear.


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I’m still looking into figuring out why search isn’t being consistent and what we can do on our end to fix that. Thank you for letting me know and for sharing screenshot examples.

Here’s the ticket link where we’re tracking this issue: individual search: partial search returns inconsistently · Issue #515 · WildMeOrg/codex-frontend · GitHub

Hi Anastasia,
This problem has occurred again. Today my page shows zero sightings and sometimes it’s just searching without end results.

Kindly assist.

Hi @Rosemary

I wasn’t able to re-create what you saw. I was able to view your sightings both from your profile and by doing a Sighting search with your name.

If it’s still not loading for you, can you let me know if clearing your browser’s cache and cookies helps?

The sightings appeared again even without clearing my browser. Today we have no sightings at all, I tried to clear browser and they didn’t get back.


Kindly assist.

Hi @Rosemary

Thanks for your patience. This bug has been resolved. Now when you search for your Sightings in Codex, you should see a consistent number of results for your search: