More new location IDs

What Wildbook should this feature be in? SeadragonSearch

What would you like to see?

We have some new locations to add to our dropdown menu:

NSW- Sydney- Oak Park (-34.070353, 151.161354)
VIC- Castle Rock (-38.298117, 144.597717)
VIC- Cottage by the Sea (-38.272352, 144.649837)
VIC- Western Port Bay- Somers (-38.396673, 145.149952)
VIC- Sorrento (-38.335677, 144.745887)
VIC- SS Coogee (-38.30685, 144.571767)
VIC- Walkerville (-38.859510, 146.000280)

How would this functionality help you?

We’re getting new batches of photos for these locations :slight_smile:

Hey guys! Just wanted to follow up on these and get a sense of when they might be ready? We have a big batch of Victoria photos that we’re hoping to start processing April 1st, so just want to account for this in our plans. Thanks! -Chrissy



These should now be visible on the Wildbook. These were completed under ticket WB-1563.


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