Moving a metadata field from individual to sighting page

Which Codex is this for?
Seal Codex

New field name:
Unidentified individual

New field description:
Provide a reference for individuals that do not have a “phs” code

Field values (ex: true, false, unknown):
Free text

Category (ex: behavior, life events, tagging, etc.):

Does this Metadata go on the Individual, Sighting, or Encounter page?
Sighting page → Animals → metadata.

This metadata is currently on the individual page, where we originally requested it to be, but ofcourse it does not work there, since unknown individual is NOT known individual :slight_smile:

Is this field required? (We typically don’t recommend required fields because it can discourage submissions from the public.)
No. (If I understand correctly, you don’t need to fill this field when submitting a new sighting?)

If the field is required, what is the default value?

Oh, interesting! I’ve not tried moving a Codex field before. Let me make sure this isn’t going to do something unexpected and I’ll follow up with you.

Due to some limitations in Codex, we weren’t able to move the field from the Individual to the Animal/Encounter tab, so we renamed the old field to “UNUSED” and added a new “Unknown individual” field to the Animal metadata.

I’m also going to update the submission template so that the metadata placement is clearer.

That’s correct.

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Thank you! :blush:


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