New Codex not importing all data

Hi @Anastasia,
I have noted that the new bulk import I did on Codex is missing some metadata.

Here is the link,

Sighting d39adaad-9e10-45e3-8c81-1f909bc6ef5a • Zebra Codex (

Sighting eb21473f-5765-4fdd-89d9-0dbbdfce8c0a • Zebra Codex (

This happens to 2022_08_10 and 2022_08_02 uploaded sightings.
I will share the uploaded spread sheet for 2022_08_10 in a separate email.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Thanks for sending me your spreadsheet Rosemary!

I’ve emailed back your spreadsheet with edits inline in red to make it easier to see. My previous advice to you still applies here with the addition of making sure to remove the extra header row.

My apologies for missing that part before.

Please make the recommended changes to your spreadsheet before your next bulk import. Let us know if that resolves the missing data issue.

Thank you, Anastasia,
I made corrections and uploaded a number of sightings which is on process. January uploads are not yet, I did Re_run identification to some sightings yesterday and still waiting.
I hope all is well.

Hi @Rosemary

I’m researching if there are any technical issues in Codex right now. I’ll follow up soon with an update.

We restarted a server and it’s starting to process jobs again. We’re not sure why there’s 34,000 jobs pending. We’ll continue to look into where that’s coming from. Thanks for flagging this!

Since we can’t do more uploads, we shall wait.
All the best and thank you!

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