New Feature Request Process

Thursday, March 19, 2020
11:55 AM
Hey everyone!
We here at Wild Me are working very hard to make sure we are serving you as best we can. With that come some process updates: we have to start thinking at scale because there are so many of you leveraging Wildbooks that we can’t keep up!
Going forward, we are going to ask that feature requests get posted here, in the Wildbook Community. This has a number of benefits for you:

  • There is zero chance of your request getting lost in an inbox on a busy day
  • You will be able to search for other requests and push for features that have already been asked for that would help you. A public forum to show how a feature can impact everyone for the better makes it easier to prioritize!

And there are benefits for us:

  • We have a public record of what people are asking for, making us a bit better at holding ourselves accountable
  • We have a public way to communicate to everyone that a feature has been accepted for development
  • We have a public way to gather information from different angles so we can make sure a given design/implementation actually meets your needs

The process

  1. Post here the feature you want to see. Use the template at the end of this post for guidance on what to provide.
  2. We respond. We will weigh each feature and determine if it’s going to be pulled into our development queue any time soon.
  3. Features we say we’ll do, we dig into what problem you’re trying to solve with the feature, possible alternate implementations, request design reviews, the whole customer/product/developer interaction.
  4. We develop and release! The feature will be noted in the release notes and we’ll reply back here as well.

Concerns with this process that you’re probably having right now

This feels less personal and like my feature request will get lost in the void.

Our number one goal to serve you better. This is our first step towards making a more sustainable, scalable process and give you additional resources to rely on so you aren’t waiting on us.

If you put in a feature request and feel that the process isn’t working, please talk to us. We are going to iterate on this and make sure that it’s the best service we can provide to all of our customers, but we won’t know what to fix without your feedback.

I think my idea is a really good one, and you have said you won't build it. Why?

Any time we say we won’t build something, what we’re really saying is “We aren’t going to build this right now.” We’re a small team trying to do a lot. If your idea gets support in the future, we will re-evaluate it. If your idea becomes a lot easier to do because of a change on our end, we might pull it in.

We always want you to know where it stands in the process, and no idea is a “never build”. If you have major concerns, reach out to me directly and I’ll be able to explain where things sit in the priority queue more explicitly.

Feature Request Template

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?

How would this functionality help you?