New Fields in Bulk Import Logs

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

Sharkbook-> White shark dorsal ID matcher

What would you like to see?

As a part of the bulk import workflow, we would love to see some additional fields on the BulkImport Logs. This would all be within the individual bulk import tasks and appear on this page (see image below).

The fields we would like to see are the top match scores with the associated image for each model used (with the version number as new models are being developed (PIEv2, CURVv2, MIEWv1, etc.)). If any models are not used, the box will remain visible but blank.

Here is an example excel sheet to mimic what we would like to see on the actual webpage (below).

Lastly, we would like to be able to export that spreadsheet.

How would this functionality help you?

Having these fields would allow us to quickly run through the entire bulk import and find which encounters are likely (or not) matched to an individual. As the process currently stands, I must click into each encounter, wait for the match results to load, and look through the results. By adding these fields, I can quickly see which encounters I should look into and do the manual verification process.

Additionally, if a certain model did not run on that encounter, there would be a blank space and we can help use that to evaluate model efficacy.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Hi @Dmoran

No need to bump your own feature request topic! Our product team reviews these periodically as time permits. What helps us gauge the level of interest is when other users comment on or like the post. 1/3 of all Community posts are for new feature requests; that’s a lot of overall requests for a small team like ours to review, much less implement!