New Location and Organization

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
1.Can we please add Meru National Park as a location nested under Northern Kenya.
2. Can we add Born Free Foundation as an Organization

Thank you!

Hi @jenna

Should I add you as the org admin for Born Free Foundation?

Yes please! Thank you!!

Could we also add Frank Kago, Irene Kanga, and Newton Simiyu as OrgAdmins for this?

Btw, Meru National Park is already an existing location ID:

I was able to add Born Free Foundation, but GiraffeSpotter isn’t letting me assign any org admins to it right now. I’ll need more time to address that.

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There’s a bug that’s not letting any orgs get assigned to users. I’ve added this to our bug list and will post here when there’s an update.

Thanks for your patience! Frank Kago, Irene Kanga, and Newton Simiyu have been added as orgAdmins for Born Free Foundation.