New Location: GiraffeSpotter May 2024

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
We would like a new site “Amboseli Ecosystem” under the Kenya country
Name prefix for this site should be KEN_AMNP_XXXX (where X’s are numbers)

How would this functionality help you?
We are implementing new surveys across this landscape

If requesting a new location ID, include

  • Is this is nested beneath another location in the hierarchy?
  • Is there a prefix for region-based naming? (optional)
  • GPS coordinates (optional)

Note: Not all feature requests can be accepted, but all of them are reviewed by our product team. We’re unable to provide implementation timelines for accepted requests. We are a small team with many competing priorities. Thanks for your understanding!

I’ve added Amboseli Ecosystem under Kenya.

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