New Location ID for ARW

Hi there,
for Amphibien and Reptile Wildbook I would like to ask you to add some new location ID’s

The Locations wil be:

Chemnitz - Ebersdorfer Wald
Chemnitz - Hilbersdorf
Chemnitz - Zeisigwald
Chemnitz - Rabenstein

Zwickau - Waldenburg
Zwickau - Uhlsdorf
Zwickau - Lichtenstein
Zwickau - Hohenstein Ernstthal
Zwickau - Neuschönburg
Zwickau - Langenweißbach
Zwickau - Weißbach
Zwickau - Hartensteiner Wald
Zwickau - Stadt Hartenstein
Zwickau - Hartenstein Eichleite
Zwickau - Weißbach
Zwickau - Wiesenburg

Thank´s a lot

Hi @Heidi_Enderlein welcome!

I should have these up in ARW by next week. I’ll update here when the site’s been upated.

Hi Anastasia,
Thank you very much

These location IDs are now visible in ARW. Thanks for your patience!