New Location ID - Seadragon Search

Hi @Anastasia, I have a new location request please! NSW-Sydney-Shark Point. Could we also please edit these to include ‘Sydney’…Henry’s Head and Magic Point. So they should then look like:
NSW-Sydney-Henry’s Head
NSW-Sydney-Magic Point
thank you!

Moving this to its own topic.

If Encounters have already been submitted under those location IDs, I may not be able to change their names.

Yes, no problem, I understand we will need to reconnect the existing encounters manually

Thanks for your patience!

I’ve added NSW-Sydney-Shark Point and updated NSW-Sydney-Magic Point and NSW-Sydney-Henry’s Head. I’ve manually updated the 19 encounters for Magic Point and Henry’s Head so they reflect the updated Location IDs.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 3.44.31 PM

@Anastasia, thank you so much, those manual updates- that was a surprise extra task off my shoulders, very grateful, happy easter!

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