New Location IDs requested for ARW

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook

What would you like to see?
the user Jens.Krause would like to use new location IDs:

Name of the location; Location ID
Fambach, Weg vor Steinbruch; jk-fam

Heßles, Schmalkalder Weg; jk-heß

Hümpfershausen; jk-hüm

Nüßleshof; jk-nüß

Römhild, Metzgerlöcher; jk-mez

If the “ß” is not possible, please replace by “s”. If the “-” is not possible, please replace by “_” or leave out entirely. If the “ü” or “ö” are not possible, please replace by “ue” and “oe”, respectively. Thanks.

How would this functionality help you?
The user can match against these locations only.

Hi @Max.Muehlenhaupt

Are “Fambach, Weg vor Steinbruch”, “Heßles, Schmalkalder Weg”, and “Heßles, Schmalkalder Weg” supposed to be single locations or location and sub-location pairs?

If they’re location and sub-location pairs, which one should the prefix (“jk-fam”, etc.) be associated with?

Hi @Anastasia ,

sorry, they are supposed to be single locations (“Fambach” is the area and “Weg vor Steinbruch” is the specific site. I don’t think that there will be future “sub-locations” for “Fambach”, “Heßles” or “Römhild”, so having “Fambach, Weg vor Steinbruch” etc. as a single location will probably be the most useful approach for the user.



Thanks for clarifying.

This format goes against our location naming convention. As single locations, we can use either the area or specific site but not both. To include both, it would have to be in the location > sub-location format.

As ARW grows, we need to consider that future users may also need to use these locations and naming prefixes. The prefix with your user’s initials could also pose long-term problems if they assume animals with this naming prefix were seen by them if other users upload Encounters from those locations.

Let me know how you want to proceed.

Hey @Anastasia ,
I see.
How about this:

Name of the location; Location ID
Fambach; FAM
Heßles; HES
Hümpfershausen; HUEM
Nüßleshof; NUES
Römhild; RH

I hope this is ok!



any news regarding this request?

I’m sorry about the delay. With the uptick in support requests, location ID updates get deprioritized.

Just to clarify, the format of “Fambach; FAM” would look like “Fambach” in the dropdown menu and “FAM” would be the ID prefix suggested for new marked individuals, correct?

Yeah, just like “BGBi” (location ID prefix) for “Botanischer Garten Bielefeld” (full name of the location) :slight_smile:

Got it; thanks! I should have this ready by the end of today.

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Thanks for your patience! I’ve added the new locations in ARW.

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