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Can we please add Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve, and Chololo Ranch as locations under Northern Kenya. For these can we keep the same naming convention (eg. BSNRXXX).

Can we also edit the names in the uploader sent to the support email to the Chololo name (ChoXXX).
uploader: Chololo RA 2024

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  • Is this is nested beneath another location in the hierarchy?
  • Is there a prefix for region-based naming? (optional)
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I don’t understand the question. If this is related to a bulk import, it should have its own separate post so work on that can be tracked independently of the location ID update.

The individuals have already been named in GiraffeSpotter but because Chololo wasn’t a location on the site, they haven’t been named following our standard naming convention. So I was hoping we could use the export I sent over in the email to rename those individuals to match our naming convention (eg. for Chololo 001 would change to Cho001). Would this be possible?

Thanks for clarifying! It looks like the current IDs are numerical only, such as 069. You’re saying this should be updated to Cho069, right? Let me verify if this is something we can do on our side with a script.

If not, the alternative is to manually update the IDs from the Marked Individual pages.

Yes, thats correct. Do let me know what you find out and I can go in and update manually as needed. Thank you!

Hi @jenna Sorry about the delay! Thanks for hanging in there. I’ve been slowly catching up on location ID updates in Wildbooks.

I’ve added the new locations you requested under Northern Kenya.

I’ve been told that updating the giraffes’ names manually for 75 giraffes would be faster than writing and running a script for it. All future giraffes identified in Chololo Ranch will automatically have the “Cho” prefix in their ID.