New Locations for GiraffeSpotter

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
We would like to add a new Country “Botswana” with new site “Tuli Block” consisting of two new sites: “Northern Tuli Game Reserve” and “Central Tuli”

How would this functionality help you?
We have recently completed surveys in these areas and would like to use GiraffeSpotter for identification

If requesting a new location ID, include

  • Is this is nested beneath another location in the hierarchy?
    Yes: “Botswana” → “Tuli Block” → “Northern Tuli Game Reserve” and “Central Tuli”
  • Is there a prefix for region-based naming? (optional)
  • GPS coordinates (optional)
    Northern Tuli Game Reserve = lon: 29.120104 ; lat: -22.149146
    Central Tuli = lon: 28.889281 ; lat: -22.335196

Note: Not all feature requests can be accepted, but all of them are reviewed by our product team. We’re unable to provide implementation timelines for accepted requests. We are a small team with many competing priorities. Thanks for your understanding!

I’ll get these into GiraffeSpotter by the end of this week.

I’ve added the new location ID and sub-sites to GiraffeSpotter: