New Sites for GiraffeSpotter

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
We would like to add Naivasha as a new site in Kenya with the following subsites nested underneath it:
Lake Naivasha NP (already exists)
Hell’s Gate National Park
Mt. Longonot National Park
Kedong Ranch
Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary
Kongoni Game Valley
Mundui Farm
Olerai Farm
Hippo Point Farm
Crater Lake Wildlife Sanctuary
Wileli Wildlife Sanctuary
Nini Fram
Sara Higgin’s Farm
Sopa Lodge
Sanctuary Farm
Crescent Farm
Kipkulei Fram
Gideon Moi Farm
Kilimandege Bird Sanctuary
Kinja Farm
SiRocco Farm
Loldia Farm
Marula Farm
Manera Farm
WRTI annex
WRTI Game Farm
WRTI Institute

How would this functionality help you?
We are about to embark on a landscape level survey of masai giraffe on this landscape and these are the properties we are surveying

Hi @GCF_Research

Adding this many new sites is going to take a long time to implement. Before I can start that work, I’d like to ask you to double-check your list to ensure all of the new locations are spelled correctly because I already see a few typos.

I’ve had some time to review these and I’ve made notes next to the names I need you to validate. I want to make sure we have the exact location names correct so there’s no confusion if other people select the same locations for their sightings.

  • Crater Lake Wildlife Sanctuary - Is this the same as Crater Lake Game Sanctuary?
  • Crescent Farm - Is this the same as Crescent Island Game Sanctuary?
  • KALRO - There are multiple KALRO locations in Naivasha. Which one do you want us to reference?
  • Nini Farm - Is this the same as Nini Flower Farm?
  • Olerai Farm - Is this the same as the Olerai House Sanctuary?
  • Olsuswa - Is this the same as Olsuswa Eco Park?
  • SiRocco Farm - Is this the same as Sirocco Wildlife Sanctuary?
  • Wileli Wildlife Sanctuary - Is this the same as Wilei House?
  • WRTI Institute - We can probably leave “institute” off since it’s the “I” in WRTI
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Hi Anastasia, thanks for looking into this for us.
We agree with most of your edits, confirmed below:

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary
Crescent Island Game Sanctuary
Nini Flower Farm
Olerai House Sanctuary
Olsuswa Eco Park
Sirocco Wildlife Sanctuary
Wileli Wildlife Sanctuary (Wilei House is a property within the sanctuary)*

We have removed KALRO from this list.

Thank your for your assistance.

Sounds good! Thanks for the quick follow-up. I should have these updated in GiraffeSpotter by the end of the week at the latest.

I’ve added the new regions and moved Hells Gate and Lake Naivasha under the new Naivasha sub-region as well.