New wildbook - sandbar sharks?


I wonder if WonderWildBook might help us ID sandbar sharks, which are VERY grey but do have the occasional mark on the whole body (so unlike whale sharks or nursehounds, selecting the “face” would not be enough to ID individuals). They also have different dorsal and pectoral fin shapes, but we have photos from very different angles (occasionally 90°, but more often any other angle from top), so unsure if it would work

. Ideally a combination of both could cover all situations, but I guess it’s too much! I attach here a couple of photos so you can see what I mean.
This is because we eye-ID some individuals 20 years ago, but now we are going back in the field and was wondering if we can take this project finally to the 21st century…
Many thanks!

Hi Eleonora,

I’ve updated your post to a Feature Request. I’m also tagging @jason for visibility.

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