Next gen - already planned? Ability to review all images linked to a Marked Indiv in one place

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
Ability to review all images that have been linked to a Marked Individual in one place (gallery-type?) with the ability to click from the image to the related encounter record, which would open in a different tab.

I know we’ve (@tanyastere, @brmscheiner, @PaulK) discussed something related in another ticket ( but I wanted to raise this in relation to its usefulness in streamlining data cleanup & maintenance.

How would this functionality help you?
Clean up of new ID uploads as well as maintenance of ID datasets in the system could be much more straightforward and simple.
It would give researchers a simpler, more systematic way to maintain their ID’d individuals, particularly when you have multiple researchers working on the same dataset. A supervisor or data owner could review all images periodically, compare them to each other to ensure they all represent the same individual. If not, by clicking on the image to get to the source encounter, they could quickly and easily remove an encounter from that Individual.
This would also help with uploads of new sets of individuals as well - to clean up any mis-matches or duplicates. Two windows could be opened, one for each potential duplicate Individual, and compared side by side.
This is something we could use today because of issues in existing datasets where duplicate images have been linked to 2 different individuals - would help to easily work out who that image should be assigned to and/or whether or not the 2 ID’d individuals are actually the same or different.
I hope this makes sense.

Split answer between “yes nextgen” and “yes nowish”
NextGen: We are going to have much stronger linking practices between individuals and encounters to allow for better context.
Nowish: We have a data integrity tool suite in progress. One of several goals with these tools is to allow users to check for dual assignments of images and ID mismatch issues. This is in development and first release of it should be very-very soon.

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This is awesome! You just made my week!!! And our researchers’, when we tell them about it.

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