No more pin in maps


I no longer see the “pin” on the maps in encounters or in search results or in the individual page, to show where the GPS points are on the map.

See example:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Lucas

I can see the pin in your example link in Brave. Since you mentioned you were able to see it before, you might want to try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies if you haven’t done it in a while. This tends to resolve issues with websites not displaying as they normally do.

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Thanks @Anastasia

Thank you for the confirmation that this is a problem on my side, I will look for a solution. The weird thing is that I even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome before reporting the bug (which was therefore not a bug, ultimately).

I will try to fix my local problem :sweat_smile:

MMhh, it’s getting weird.

I asked 2 other Whiskerbook users to check and both of them no longer see the pins in the encounters either :grimacing:

They used to see the pins, like me.

We are not in the same place nor on the same computers of course.

I think there is a problem

It sounds like this might be an issue with the Google Maps API itself. I tested in Safari and Chrome and didn’t see the pins, but I could in Firefox. I’ll need more time to research this.

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Thanks !

I don’t know if this can give a clue, but for information the pin is displayed correctly in “report an encounter”, when you click on the map.

I’ll add it to the ticket: Location Pins Missing in Google Maps API in Encounter page · Issue #435 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub


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Thanks Anastasia ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Anastasia - in case it’s helpful, I tested ACW with Firefox and Chrome and saw pins on maps in both. All encounters generated via bulk imports.

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Yay, it seems to be working again !!

Thanks :blush: :+1:

Thanks for the update! I’ll close the ticket.

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Hi !!

It seems broken again :disappointed_relieved:


I know; the issue has been intermittent. I added more details to the ticket last week. We’re still working to resolve it.

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Thanks @Anastasia ! :slight_smile:

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