Norppagalleria all new sightings are submitted multiple times

In which Wildbook did the issue occur?

What happened?
New public sightings that are submitted to norppagalleria, are coming in multiple times. There might be some kind of problem with submitting sightings. This has been occuring for a while now. Otherwise the site seems to be working fine.

Piia Mutka

Hi @PiiaMutka

This site has not been upgraded in a long time due to its unique branding. So there are no recent changes that could have caused this. I just submitted as a logged in user and anonymously, and both times only one encounter appeared as a result.

Is there any chance users are double clicking the submit button?



It is possible, but has not previously happened with all new public sightings. We had problems with uploading 1 test-sighting last week, it took very long and photos didn’t get through. Eventually we managed to add photos from sightings page.

Maybe we just monitor the situation for now. It could be that the site is being little slow and people try clicking multiple times when submitting sightings. Good to know that submitting is working!

Thank you!
Piia Mutka

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