Option to exclude encounters already assigned to same individual in match results

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW / all?

What would you like to see?
The option to filter out matches already made to the same ID’d individual.

How would this functionality help you?
We’re starting to see large volumes of matched encounters to certain individuals in the system, and that’s within a single census dataset. That results in the system producing already assigned matches as the top 12 and even 20 results every time matching is run.
Increasing the number of results shown from 12 to 20 or more, results in the problem of having more results in the centre column that don’t remain displayed next to the target image unless the user keeps the mouse on that match result line. Ex. CH00113 & CH00033 as ID’d individuals with 57 encounters already assigned to each.

Once we add the next census dataset to the system, we will definitely see more and more match results that show only already assigned encounters.

Having the option to filter those out would facilitate more productive matching against unassigned encounters as well as encounters that have been incorrectly assigned to other ID’d individuals.

Note, we have toggled between Image scores and Individual scores and that helps a little, as does increasing the # of matches returned. We’ve also looked at matching from the unassigned dataset but that is still very large (>4000) and the users prefer to go systematically through the ID’d animals dataset first to find all matches to known individuals before going through the unassigned. It means the unassigned are more likely to be unknowns (or unmatchables) that can then be named. It also allows the user to correct any incorrectly assigned encounters.

This is similar to this feature request: https://community.wildbook.org/t/option-to-exclude-matches-from-same-sighting-id/338?u=acwadmin1

cc: @PaulK

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